Student of the week

Freddie has been selected as the Principal’s Student of the Week. This nomination was made by Mr Strickland in the PE Department.

Freddie demonstrated a great deal of maturity and support towards the other students who attended Rugby training last week. Mr Strickland was extremely impressed by his words and actions.

Well Done Freddie!

Student of the week

I am delighted to inform you that Ellie-May has been selected as the Principal’s Student of the Week.

This nomination has been made by Mr Orr, Assistant Vice-Principal. Ellie-May has shown great resilience and adaptability since the start of the new term. Despite huge challenges, she has settled so well into the new school year and has worked hard and been very conscientious. Elli-May has been awarded lots of achievement points within a week: well done Ellie-May. Keep up the good work.

Student of the week

Mr Lewis met with Josh and family this week (via Microsoft TEAMs) to present the Student of the Week accolade.

Since being on lockdown Josh has not only conscientiously attempted to keep up with his set, core school work and actively helped in raising and saying goodbye to a litter of 12 puppies, he also really stepped up last week while his dad was in hospital for 3 nights (NOT covid related). He did more jobs around the house than usual, helped prepare and cook meals, walked the dog and really supported mum around the house, in a time when they were all more anxious than usual. He even helped his little sister find a lost necklace when she was upset.

He has shown great resilience, maturity, understanding and kindness.

Well done Josh

Student of the week

The Student of the Week this week is Sam R.  Sam took part in a sponsored swim for the Wave project which helps young people with their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Sam swam a mile in just under an hour alongside the North Devon project co-ordinator. He raised just over £300.00 which will allow two children to have a 6 week surf therapy course.

Sam has worked extremely hard on raising this money and has been very passionate about the project for some time.

Well done Sam!

Student of the week

James has been selected as the Principal’s Student of the Week.

The nomination was made by Mr Roberts. On a recent Art trip to Exeter James put £2 in a homeless person’s hat. This was done without any fuss or bother and very discretely. None of the students saw James do this but it did not go unnoticed by the adults on the trip. Bearing in mind he could have spent this 5 minutes later on his lunch, it was great to see such a selfless act from him.

Well done James!

Student of the week

Éowyn has been awarded Student of the Week. She was nominated by her English teacher Miss White: Éowyn is always extremely conscientious in English lessons and reads extensively – this is reflected in her excellent progress. During group work Éowyn guides and advises her group brilliantly; ensuring everyone takes part in discussions, writing and improvements.

We are very impressed with Éowyn’s mature and inclusive attitude. Well done Éowyn!

Student of the week


Ollie came across an accident in town earlier this week, where a cyclist had be knocked off their bike.

Ollie was very calm and helpful, supporting the cyclist and the driver. Later ensuring the cyclist’s wife was able to find him in the ambulance which was parked some distance away.

A great representative of the school Ollie, Well done.

Student of the week

Lily, Will, Charlie, Josh and Ella.

This nomination has been made by Mr Rogers our music teacher.
This is in recognition of the incredible contribution the band has made towards promoting Music and SMCC in the last few weeks.

They have played multiple gigs and events, including professionally organised gigs outside of school. Some of these events have been very late notice, yet the group were able to conduct themselves in the mature and conscientious manner normally expected of professional musicians.
They have sacrificed countless lunchtimes preparing, and have worked late into the evening many times recently.

We are very proud to have such a fantastic and dedicated group of students representing us. Well done All

Student of the week

Cameron has been selected as the Principal’s Student of the Week. This has been awarded for his dedication to the school’s Poppy Appeal.

In the run-up to Remembrance Day, Cameron willingly gave up every break and lunch time to sell poppies to the students and staff at SMCC on behalf of the Royal British Legion. He did so with a ready smile and a fantastic attitude, even seeking out a particular poppy pin for a staff member when requested. We are extremely proud of his excellent approach to this charitable event.
We raised £240.66

He did all of this with ever present Cameron smile!