Artwork of the week

Rebecca, year 9 is our artist of the week this week.

Rebecca’s beautiful “bee happy” image was made with pins, thread and a great deal of patience! Rebecca is always hard-working and creative, and we are all really proud of her.

Well done Rebecca! We think this message is particularly important too!
K Noseda

Artwork of the week

Louis, Year 11 has impressed Mrs Southworth with his skilful, and beautiful pheasant drawing.

Louis used a soldering iron to create the burned effect. We are all really delighted with the results.

Well done Louis, a second time artist of the week!

Sports Day – week 2 Challenges

Challenge #3 – Speed Bounce Task: How’s your bounce! How many jumps can you complete in 30 seconds? The house with the greatest overall number wins, but the individuals with the most push-ups will gain bonus points.
Challenge #3 instruction video

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Challenge #4 – Wall Throw Task: Try this co-ordination challenge! How many times can you throw the ball against a wall and catch it in 30 seconds? The house with the greatest overall number wins, but the individual with the best effort will gain bonus points.
Challenge #4 instruction video


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Artwork of the week

Hannah Pidler’s beautiful Van Gogh poster is this week’s “Artwork of the week”; there is no end to Hannah’s talent and I am always impressed with her amazing high quality work.

Well done Hannah, we are really proud of you.

K Noseda

Year 11 leaver’s day

Year 11 had a great leaver’s day and behaved impeccably throughout!

Well done everyone, you made us really proud of you.

See our Facebook page for more pictures of the day and photobooth snaps!

5 star canteen!

Once again our canteen and kitchen have received a FOOD HYGIENE rating of 5.
Well done to all of the fantastic staff involved.
So proud of you all!

Latest Sports Tie award

Chloe Brown from Year 10 has recently represented Devon in Rugby Union. So far her and her team mates are unbeaten and have played against Cornwall, Gloucestershire, and Somerset. This is a Fantastic achievement by Chloe and she has been rewarded for her efforts with an SMCC Sports Tie. Well done, Chloe. We are very proud of you.

Artwork of the Week

The work is a personal reflection following a project on Picasso. We looked at a wide range of his work and then how other artists produce self portraits and selfies, looking at how images can be manipulated. Tia has produced a lovely portrait which has been beautifully presented. It shows a real depth and skill using a range of media.

Well done Tia!

Artwork of the week

This week’s artwork of the week goes to Henry Brewer , D1. Henry is our
first year 7 student to achieve “Artwork of the week” and it is
thoroughly deserved! Henry’s picture started out, I believe, as a doodle
in art club; the image comes entirely from Henry’s imagination (Wow!)
and the only help he required was a close up image of the moon to work
from. Well done Henry, your drawing has been much admired by everyone.

Mrs Noseda