Changes to the school day during GCSE exam period

During the forthcoming GCSE exams the times during the school day have been adjusted slightly. This has been done to allow exams to take place with the least amount of disruption and noise thus giving pupils the best possible chance to achieve their full potential.

The start and finish times of the school day remain unchanged however, the lunch break will be at 12.15 instead of 1.15, this is important to note especially for those pupils who go home for lunch.

This change will commence on Monday 15th May until Friday 23rd June 2017. We will return to normal from Monday 26th June 2017.

School Day – Exam Time Only

8.45 Warning bell
8.50 Registration
8.55 Period 1
9.55 Period 2
10.55 Break
11.10 Warning bell
11.15 Period 3
12.15 Lunch
1.00 Warning bell
1.05 Registration
1.25 Period 4
2.25 Period 5
3.25 End of day