Principal’s Prize winners

Éowyn and Kayleigh were awarded the Principal’s Prize for the Winter term. The commendations were amazing for both students.
Éowyn has quietly and consistently produced excellent work this year, applying nothing but exceptional levels of commitment and effort to her studies. She has a quiet determination to succeed which is coupled with a driven approach to learning and commitment to school life in general. She is a fine role model and thoroughly deserves this recognition. Congratulations Éowyn!
Kayleigh is one of the most gifted students that I have ever taught. She is incredibly deserving of this prize and I am thrilled that we all have the chance to celebrate her passion, her high work ethic and her determination to do well. Kayleigh (at the time of writing) had a staggering 144 achievement points and was the first in her group to receive the principals Platinum award certificate. She has been consistently praised for her academic achievement, her effort and her positive growth mindset, and continues to inspire her teachers and her peers. Kayleigh is both kind and generous, and an excellent role model to her peers. Bravo Kayleigh – very well deserved!
Éowyn top with Mr Lewis, and Kayleigh bottom also with Mr Lewis