Co-op Learning Trust

Members of the Board of Trustess of South Molton Co-operative Learning Trust

The acting chair is Miss Sarah Robinson (SMCC).

Andrew Finney
Arthur Symons
Andy Comerford
Rose Cockerill
Rachel Wicks
Richard Edgell
Mole Valley farmers
Eaton Ltd
Devon CC


As of 1st January 2013 we became one of the growing number of co-operative trust schools in the south west and nationally. Thus we have clearly stated our commitment to uphold and work within the values and visions of the schools co-operative society. These values are self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In association these values underpin our ethos which is based on honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. We are already a high performing and very successful school with an excellent reputation and this change of status will help us to improve further by engaging with our trust partners, Mole Valley Farmers and Devon County Council in a range of activities. We will also build up learning networks with other co-operative schools and have already established a Board of Trustees who hold our site and assets in trust and are working with us to give our pupils even greater opportunities within this excellent learning environment.

The future establishment of a membership will involve more of the community, pupils, parents, carers and staff so that we can all work together in a structure of co-operation for further success. 
South Molton Community College is an exceptional school and we are all very proud of it and the achievements our pupils make. Staff are dedicated and prepared to go the extra mile for the young people in their care and in return are supported in their professional development and aspirations.

As OFSTED noted in our recent and most vigorous inspection,
 ‘Behaviour and attitudes to learning are outstanding. Students are friendly, courteous and display excellent attitudes to learning built on mutual respect. Students feel they are well cared for and greatly appreciate the high quality of relationships found in the college.’ 

Our commitment to maintaining our reputation as one of the best schools in North Devon remains as strong as ever. Now as a co-operative trust school we feel we will continue to grow our success more wholly in a strong trust partnership where the ethos remains one of aspirations, attainment and support for all.

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