Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at South Molton Community College.

Careers Education And Guidance There is a comprehensive programme of careers education and guidance throughout the college. We provide a planned programme of impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance (IAG) for all students in Years 7-11, with a particular focus on key transition moments.

A designated Careers Co-ordinating leader (Mr I Jones) is responsible for the delivery of the programme.

Telephone: 01769 572129


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Year 8 Information, Advice and Guidance 
In year 8 we use the Careerpilot website as part of the PSHE programme.
The Careerpilot website aims to provide 13-19 year olds with information on the full range of choices available at 14, 16 and 18, including apprenticeships, college, higher level study, etc.
The website also includes information on twenty two job sectors, links to providers in the South of England and, if you register (which is free, on the home page and takes 1 minute), you can save your choices of job sectors, providers and qualifications in Career Tools. You can also save your results from the Pre-16 Skills Map and HE Skills Map (for post 16 students).
Plan your study & work Your choices at 14, 16 and 18, routes to different qualifications and job sectors. Career tools to help you decide.

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