Mr N Hedges
Head of Art and Technology
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Aims of the subject at GCSE
This course is designed to encourage students to demonstrate their Design and Technology capability
combining practical skills with the background theory and knowledge. 

The practical aspects of the course are designed to enable the students to develop an understanding of a range of engineering materials and processes.

Examination Board: AQA Specification Number: 3871

Topics covered in Year 10
Introduction to the requirements of Unit 2 coursework – the structure and contents of the folder.
Production and write up of the Hand Vice and the Continuity Tester projects.
Drawing techniques, Quality Assurance procedures and Health and Safety Risk Analysis techniques.

Topics covered in Year 11
Production of the design folder for Unit 1. This focuses on the identification of a problem with a client/customer and the development of a design solution. The solution will then be presented to the customer and suitable feedback recorded in the folder. Preparation for the theory examination.

One paper (1½ hours) in May/June 2008. 33⅓% of final GCSE grade.
This will focus on an identified range of products and the technologies used in their manufacture and operation.
 A section of the examination will also focus on the use of modern and smart materials


Unit 1 portfolio includes a presentation to a customer/client, a model and CAD drawings.
This contributes 33% of the final GCSE grade. To be completed by the end of June 2008.
Unit 2 portfolio contains production plans, record of work carried out and a wide range of testing activities.
 This contributes 33% of the final GCSE grade. To be handed in for final assessment by the end of March 2009.

Throughout the course students will be expected to work on the current coursework for at least two hours per week. 
It is hoped that students will take advantage of the offer to purchase the Serif PagePlus 10 software
 at the heavily discounted price of £10 to install on their home computers to aid their project work.
A project club will be available for Year 11 pupils from September 2008.

Examination preparation
A pre-examination preparation sheet will be given out during the early part of March 2008
 and a range of topic lead lessons will be used during the later part of the Spring and Summer terms.