Hospitality & Catering

Mrs E Rosenbaum
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Exam board: EDEXCEL

Examination Board: Edexcel/Pearson

Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the UK. It has over two million employees and makes a significant contribution to the UK economy. It is a dynamic industry that responds quickly to changing market needs, through rapid growth, innovation and diversity. This enables the hospitality industry to offer many different types of employment, with opportunities for you to work in this country and around the world.

Unit 1:
In the first unit you will explore different aspects of the hospitality industry by looking at its component parts, gaining an insight into the business of hospitality and the different products and services it provides. You will then concentrate on the essential processes involved in operating a hospitality business.

Unit 2:
Understanding the importance of customer service and working as an effective team member is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to work in a successful hospitality business. How staff present themselves and interact with customers can make or break a business. Where this is done well, customers will return and the business will gain a good reputation that will help its profitability.
You will learn how to develop effective team working skills so that you can give excellent customer service and gain an understanding of the essential interpersonal skills needed by all of those who work with customers and colleagues in a service situation. You will also learn how to make a good impression on others as well as using a range of appropriate communication skills when working with customers and other team members in real situations.

Unit 3:
Within this section you will learn the importance of following appropriate procedures to maintain food safety when storing, preparing, cooking and serving food. Businesses within the hospitality industry adopt these procedures to prevent any problems with potential food safety hazards.
Hospitality businesses are regulated by legislation to prevent hazards, you will explore how businesses enforce compliance with legislation, about how safety signs, information and documentation should be used.

Unit 6:
You will explore the understanding and skills required for proficiency in planning, preparing, cooking and finishing a range of food types, how to select and prepare ingredients and plan a two-course meal including the tools and equipment used.

Assessment pattern:

Unit 1 is externally examined through a written paper of 1hr 15minutes and counts for 25% of the overall mark.

Units 2, 3 and 6 are internally assessed, and then externally verified, through Assignment Briefs.  You will be expected to work to given deadlines and ensure that all work is presented as stated on the assignment brief. Wherever possible work must be presented as an electronic file to enable accurate records and details to be kept.