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Exam Board: Edexcel: Specification Number: GCSE (9-1) History (1H10)

Aims of the subject at GCSE
This course gives students opportunities to:
· acquire knowledge and understanding of selected periods and aspects of history,
· explore the significance of historical events, people, changes and issues
· use historical sources critically in their context, recording significant information and reaching conclusions
· develop understanding of how the past has been represented and interpreted
· organise and communicate their knowledge and understanding of history
· draw conclusions and appreciate that historical judgements are liable to reassessment in the light of new or reinterpreted evidence.

The topics you will study over the 2-year course are:
· A period study: The Cold War 1945-1991
· A Thematic study: Medicine in Britain 1250- present day
· A historic environment: The British sector of the Western Front,1914-1918: injuries treatment and trenches
· A modern depth study: Germany 1918-1939
· British Depth Study: Elizabeth 1 1558-1588

There are 3 examination papers of between 1hour 15 minutes and 1hour 45 minutes where you will be tested on a range of skills from inference to historical analysis.

Controlled assessment/ coursework
There is no controlled assessment or coursework. All assessment is based on exams at the end of year 11

Homework will be set on a weekly basis. It will usually be comprised of an extension to classwork or standalone tasks such as practice exam questions.

During key stage 3 pupils learn about significant individuals and events in the history of Britain from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. They also learn about key aspects of European and world history. They show their understanding by making connections between events and changes in the different periods and areas studied, and by comparing the structure of societies and economic, cultural and political developments. They evaluate and use sources of information, using their historical knowledge to analyse the past and explain how it can be represented and interpreted in different ways.
History is based in one main teaching room, but is also taught in other rooms within the College. A wide variety of teaching methods and resources are used to make the subject stimulating in order to develop an enthusiastic approach to the subject in the students.
Throughout KS3 the students study a wide variety of historical topics ranging from the Romans through to the rise of dictators. They build on a number of historical skills that help to prepare them fully for the challenges of GCSE. Some of these skills include: analysis of interpretations, making judgements about the extent of change and continuity, significance of certain historical events and evaluation of primary sources.
In year 7 students study:
The Romans
The Norman Conquest
Medieval life and the Black Death
The Tudor era
The English Civil War
In year 8 students study:
The Industrial Revolution
The British Empire
World War 1
World War 2
In year 9 students study:
The Slave Trade
The Civil Rights movement
The Holocaust
The rise of the Dictators