Philosophy and Beliefs


Mr D Piper
Head of Department
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Exam board: AQA

We currently have one full-time member of staff and three other staff delivering REP from Years 7 to 11. REP is about exploring the world around us and the nature and beliefs of the people who share it . We try to understand the moral and ethical values of many different cultures by asking lots of questions and trying to answer them. Pupils are encouraged to formulate their own views and critically evaluate the views of others.

What you will study at Key Stage 3
In Year 7 pupils learn about:

  • Beliefs – different ideas about God and the after-life;
  • The work of Martin Luther King – Rights and Responsibilities and Oscar Romero; Hinduism and Gandhi;
  • Spirituality – exploration of this through the Arts and a local study of a Church.

In Year 8 pupils learn about:

  • Authority – the role of the Bible and Qur’an;
  • Peace, Justice and Equality. Study of Sikhism and the Khalsa;
  • Religion and Science – The nature of truth and belief, creation and animal rights.

In Year 9 pupils learn about:

  • Wealth and Poverty – Buddhist and Christian ideas;
  • Sanctity of life – the role of Science and new technologies;
  • Persecution and Prejudice – the Holocaust and the problem of suffering;

What you will study in Key Stage 4
All pupils will be entered for the Core GCSE Course:

  • Religion and Life Issues (AQA B Unit 2)
  • Religious attitudes to Early Life;
  • Religious attitudes to Prejudice;
  • Religious attitudes to War and Peace;
  • Religious attitudes to the Environment;
  • Religious attitudes to Animals.

Pupils can opt to take the full GCSE Course:

  • Religion and Morality (AQA B Unit 3)
  • Crime and Punishment;
  • Creating Life and Maintaining it;
  • Euthanasia;
  • Drugs;
  • Wealth and Poverty in the UK.