Fantastic Community Support

After the rebuild of the school, areas of the site had been left somewhat sparse and un-cared for. Due to the lack of top soil the areas were never going to produce much apart from weeds.
We contacted AJ Sing & Son Contractors to see if there was anything they could do to help us, as putting this right would leave a huge hole in our budget.
AJ Sing & Son run an agricultural contracting business and indeed are well equipped to carry out re-seeding etc. They agreed to help out and did so free of charge.
Initially they cleared the area of weeds and rotavated it. They then asked other contacts they have for further support. Baker Estates supplied some top soil from their housing site on the edge of South Molton, Nick Ager provided the haulage from the Baker site to SMCC and Sing’s excavator levelled it. The site was then rolled, grass seeded and rolled again (roller borrowed from Govier & Son at Great Hele. Agrii, who are suppliers of crop seeds and agronomy advice, supplied the grass seeds.

All of the above was done free of charge.
What a fantastic effort by all involved.


Nick Ager Haulage Ltd, Pathfields Business Park.
Agrii – The Agronomy Centre, Willand.
Baker Estates, North Road, South Molton.
Govier & Son, Great Hele Barton, South Molton.
and of course
AJ Sing & Son Contracting, South Molton.