Information from Devon & Cornwall Police

Letter from Mr Lewis to all parents.

Dear Parent/Carer

Firstly, thank you for your support in making the start of term such a positive one. Students have arrived looking smart and ready to study. The atmosphere around school is positive and productive.

We start the term off the back of another very successful set of GCSE results. I will forward some figures to you over the next few weeks.

On Friday we received the following message from North Devon Police, which they have suggested we share with you. Initial reports have not suggested South Molton students are involved but in sharing the information, it allows you to make appropriate choices about the event.

“North Devon Police have received information that children from schools from the local area have arranged to meet at Barnstaple Carnival & Fair with a view to fighting with each other. Intelligence officers have been made aware that knives and other weapons will be taken to the event. North Devon Police will have zero tolerance for violence and weapons at this event. The Police have the ability to stop, detain and search any person reasonably suspected to be carrying weapons and the ability to disperse large groups causing issues. It is an arrestable offence to carry knives or other weapons and to ignore any direction to leave. Any offenders will be dealt with robustly and will have the full weight of the law levied against them.”

If you are going to the carnival or fair, by all means go have a great time, and enjoy yourselves. Do not do anything that will have an effect on the rest of your lives or someone else’s.”

We would always urge parents and carers to be clear in their expectations of their child’s conduct and to be very clear where their child is at any given time. We would suggest that if children are intending to go to the fair, then it is advisable that they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you do hear any further information in connection with the Police message, we would urge you to share this with us and, of course, the Police.

Yours faithfully

Mr D J Lewis