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South Molton Community College is committed to nurturing the talents of every individual. We recognise that students may be gifted in a wide range of subjects (High Achievers) or in one particular area such as music, sports or performing arts (Talented students). By identifying, providing for and monitoring H.A.T. students, we will help to ensure all individuals meet their potential.

Staff at South Molton Community College endeavour to incorporate meaningful extension activities and resources for H.A.T. students, both within the curriculum and in the form of enrichment opportunities that take place outside of lesson time. Details of these opportunities can be found here on our website, and your son or daughter will be informed of such occasions throughout the academic year.

Talented Student Nomination Form

Festival of learning 2019
The programme is called ‘Aspiring Futures’ and aims to develop a programme collaboratively between SMCC, West Buckland school and Park school to stretch the progress and individual talents of our HAT students, culminating in a performance on the evening of the 19th June 2019. The individual schools will each host one discipline on the day of the 18th and morning of the 19th June, to prepare their contributions for the show case. 

We hope to promote the ‘all round learner’ by encouraging and challenging creative responses to the theme, ‘Your Environmental Future’. A title chosen to inspire freethinking and creative responses. A focus on collaboration and togetherness will be promoted so that students are also encouraged to think about the benefits of teamwork and how this may link to their future education and career prospects. 


Literary competition
The National school poetry competition.
Whilst open to all students at SMCC, we also encouraged our HATS to apply for positions in the poetry workshops, run by the famous Tally Koren. Tally came to school on the 21st May and ran two workshops, teaching the students how to change their love of lyrics and language in to poetry. The sessions were both informative and challenging and the student feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The competition opens in September and closes towards the end of November. We will be encouraging our students to use the summer to stretch their talents and write their own poetic contributions. Please join us in supporting their efforts. I hope that we will be celebrating a winning poem in the House of Lords on presentation day.


Higher Project Qualification
All students have the opportunity to take an additional ‘project’ qualification (GCSE level) on the topic of their choice. Emphasis is placed on independent learning and research. HAT students are encouraged to apply and choose a title outside of the regular curriculum.


Engineering Masterclasses at Kingsley School 2018-19
Some of our most able Scientists in Year 9 attended engineering masterclasses at Kingsley School this year. These ran on Saturday mornings and included hands-on activities in such diverse areas as Robotics and Naval Engineering. This was a great opportunity to work with talented students from other schools and to find out about careers in engineering.
Gold Club 2018-19
Students with target grades of 7 to 9 attended bespoke revision classes in Science this year. This involved studying some of the most challenging parts of the GCSE course in great detail. This was an opportunity to work at the highest level in GCSE and to ask any and all questions about their studies. We look forward to seeing the impact of this initiative in our 2019 results.


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FAQs and points of contact

Our Pupil Champion for H.A.T. students is Mrs K Willmot
For further information email Mrs Willmot at  kwillmot@smcc.devon.sch.uk