A very warm welcome to SMCC!

To apply for a Year 7 place at SMCC  please contact Devon County Council admissions here >

see also Devon CC School Admissions Facebook  page.

We are all very much looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our school community. Unfortunately we are going to need to do things a little differently this year so we thought we would begin by telling you that we are hoping that you will still get the chance to come and visit us before the summer holidays but for now we will have to wait and see.

It will help us prepare if parents/carers can complete our Parental consents agreement in readiness for September.

Our main new Year 7 intake day is scheduled to take place on Thursday 2nd July 2020. On this day all incoming year 7 students will spend the day with us. The intake evening starts at 4.30pm and all parents/carers are invited to attend. There will be an opportunity to meet your child’s new Form Tutor, the Principal and other senior staff. There will also be an opportunity for you to find out more specifics about the day to day running of the College.

Students will be advised which House they will be in on the new intake day.


  • Equipment List > (items your child will need in September)
  • Art Department info >
  • Uniform – our uniform is available from Daws, Barnstaple. see the side menu link for more details.
  • School Gateway (for making payments, student details, reporting absences and viewing academic progress). The app can also be downloaded from the App Store or Google.
  • ClassCharts (for monitoring Homework and Behaviours). Note an access code is required and will be provided in September.
  • All students will be issued a locker on joining SMCC so will need a padlock to secure it. Padlocks can be purchased via the School Gateway from 2nd July at a cost of £1.80 each.
  • Gumshields can also be purchased on the School Gateway for £1.50 each.

Most young people making the transfer from a smaller primary school to a larger secondary school have anxieties about the changes but also positive anticipations about the new opportunities.

Here are two reports from our current year 7’s about their feelings on the first day, written in their own words.

Harriet’s First Day of School ›
Yasmin’s First Day of School ›