Partial School Closure from Thursday 19th March

As we have previously communicated to you, we continue to follow the guidance from the government with regard to the COVID-19 situation, which indicates that schools remain open for now unless staff shortages impede operations. Although we have no members of staff themselves showing any symptoms of the virus, nor do we have anyone within the school community that has knowingly been in contact with COVID-19, we do have an increasing number of staff absences due to self-isolation of their families, some of which are exhibiting some symptoms.

As a result, in order to remain open in line with government guidance, we need to operate from tomorrow minus one year group. We understand that the childcare demands on parents for students in Years 7 and 8 not being in school are more of an issue due to these students being younger in age and requiring more supervision. As a result, if they are well, they should continue to attend school tomorrow as normal. Year 10 and 11 students who are working towards their GCSEs should also continue to attend school tomorrow if they are well. Consequently the decision has been made that the school will not be operational for Year 9 students tomorrow (19th March and they should remain at home.

Our staff have been working hard making preparations for eventualities such as this and all students now have log-in details for our online learning platform, RMUnify, which can be accessed via the school website. Students have been shown how to do this today and details have been sent out to parents and carers today also. Students were asked to inform us earlier in the week if they do not have internet access at home, and the Year 9 students who this applies to will be provided with copies of work in paper format today which they can bring home. We recommend that whilst at home, students follow their usual school timetable from day to day in terms of what subjects to focus their time on.

The weeks and months ahead of us are uncertain but our hope is that with your support, students can continue to study all of their subjects through our online portal and as directed by their teachers on Class Charts for any period of time they may be off due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

We thank you for your support and understanding in this matter and we will of course, keep you informed of any further progressions, as and when they should occur. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us via

Our best wishes,

The Senior Leadership Team