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Exam Timetables

GCSE Summer Timetable 

Collection of Examination Results
GCSE Examination results can be collected in person from the School Hall between 9am and 11am on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

If you are not available at that time you can:

1. Provide a stamped, addressed envelope for us to send your results along with a letter signed by you giving permission for us to post your results (please pass this in to Reception before 3.30pm on Wednesday 24th July.

2. Ask someone else to collect your results for you. They must have a letter signed by you giving them permission to collect the results. This must either be brought with them on the day or passed to Reception before 3.30pm on Wednesday 24th July.

For data protection purposes we are not permitted to give results to anybody (INCLUDING PARENTS/CARERS/RELATIVES) if we have not been given written authorisation. Results cannot be given out over the phone or by text under any circumstances.

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Exam Office Contact Details
Mrs J Hamman, Exams Officer
Telephone: 01769 572129 ext 393
Email: Mrs J Hamman ›

Useful Links to Examination Boards
Edexcel: www.edexcel.org.uk ›
AQA: www.aqa.org.uk ›
OCR: www.ocr.org.uk ›
WJEC: www.wjec.co.uk ›