Student Welfare

The Heads of Houses oversee the transition of pupils moving up from primary school. For more information see our Year 6 transition page.

House System

There are four houses, D, G, H and R. Inter-house competitions are encouraged and this system monitors the award of conduct points. House captains are nominated from years 10 and 11.

Head of year 7
Miss A Timms

Head of year 8
Mrs K Willmot
Head of year 9
Mr G Godwin
Head of year 10
Mr I Jones

Our Anti-bullying Policy ›
Our Anti-bullying email address is

Our Preventing Radicalisation Policy›
DFeS guidance for schools – how social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq

Our e-safety Policy ›

see also  ParentInfo

Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online.

The College Council
The college council is made up of two representatives from each year group. Pupils elect their own representatives and they meet regularly. Monthly meetings are held to discuss any issues pupils may wish to raise through their council representatives. Copies of the minutes are sent to the governing body after consultation with the Principal. Additional responsibility is given to year 9 pupils through the peer mentoring system.