Reports and Progress

You will receive progress reports and one full report on your child’s progress throughout the year;  these will be subject grade sheets and one full report with comments from each subject teacher.  These reports will be staggered throughout the year and we have done our best to ensure that key points in a student’s development, such as making option choices and parents evenings, are supported with an appropriate report.

We do not provide an end of year report for all students as it would not be possible for teachers to write reports on every student they teach at one time.

All reports will provide information on the following:

  • Attendance
  • An end of Key Stage attainment estimate
  • An end of Key Stage Target
  • Effort level for each subject
  • Homework level for each subject

Dates for 2018-19 Reports

Reports will emailed home electronically or be sent home with students by these approximate dates:

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11approx date sent home
-ProgressProgressTarget settingReport15th October 2018
ProgressReportProgress (Mocks)26th November 2018
Report28th January 2019
ProgressReportProgressProgress25th March 2019
ReportProgress (Mocks)20th May 2019

New GCSE 9 – 1  versus A*-G grade table

Parents Evening Dates

4th October 2018                 Year 7

18th October 2018              Year 9

17th January 2019                Year 11

4th April 2019                      Year 10

9th May 2019                         Year 8