Student of the week

Lily has been selected as this week’s Principal’s Student of the Week. This nomination has been made by Miss Timms, Head of House and is supported by Mr Rodgers, Lily’s Music teacher.
Miss Timms says ‘Lily’s attitude to learning across all subject areas has been exemplary, particularly in music and geography. She has worked tirelessly, with outstanding self-motivation, commitment to learning and demonstrating a meticulously high standard of presentation for her work’.
Mr Rodgers supports this with ‘Lily’s work is exemplary. She has completed huge amounts of RSL coursework and has also undertaken some work from the GCSE Music course. On top of this, she is studying towards her Grade 5 in each of Drums, Bass and Theory (each equivalent to a GCSE)’.

Well done Lily; we are very proud of this excellent attitude and commitment to your studies.