Student Representation

Our students’ feedback is vital in developing and improving the experience we offer both now and in the future. We need to learn from students and respond to their voice to ensure that we maintain a high quality student experience.
South Molton Community College gathers the student voice both formally and informally through multiple mechanisms. The insights drawn from different sources help us to understand and reflect on the student experience and to prioritise where our actions should be made when seeking to develop new initiatives and make enhancements to current services and provision.
We also rely on our students to support staff in the smooth running of the school and to lead, drive and participate in initiatives that make SMCC such a successful community based educational establishment.

Senior Prefects

My name is Lucy Sauerzapf and I’m Head Girl at SMCC. Kindness to both each other and the environment is very important to me and I believe that we should be proud of ourselves, each other and our school.

Hello. My name is Jacob Glasspool and I have been appointed Co-Head Boy at SMCC. I enjoy learning at school and am also into sports. In my spare time, I play rugby for Bideford Rugby Club. I’m still open about what to do when I am older but I do know that I would like to go on to university.

Hello. My name is Reef Dunford and I am Co-Head Boy at SMCC. I enjoy being a member of SMCC and pride myself on being friendly, approachable and understanding to people’s needs. My passion is sport and representing the school at various sporting events.

Hi. I’m Chloe Brown. I am an academic and sporty student who is hardworking and dedicated to being your Deputy Head Girl. I have many hobbies, including rugby, which I have played at County level, as well as for my local club and school. I am a friendly and approachable person, who as Deputy Head Girl will always be willing to help students and staff, as I aim to be a supportive part of MSCC during our next school year.

Hello. I am Emily Hutcheon. I strive to be a kind and committed Deputy Head Girl, who is open to talk to everyone in the school. I love animals, which I hope will lead me to become a veterinarian in later life. I also love sports especially netball. I hope I can help everyone who comes to me and I am very excited to be Deputy Head Girl.

My name is Caitlin Squire and I am Deputy Head Girl. Something I am positive about is making positive adaptations to a place that is so crucial to our development as young adults. I look forward to working with others to achieve changes within our school.

School Council

Student Council 2019 – they say if you want something done ask a busy person. Here are our busy people, all elected members of Student Council along with secretary Emily. As a school we are very grateful for their maturity, great communication and their efforts in representing their form groups. Student council meets on Wednesdays to hear the views of our students on matters as diverse as food choices and flowerbeds. Students of any age are eligible to stand for election to student council and we have members from Year 7 to Year 11


At South Molton Community College we are committed to making environmental changes for the better. We are implementing some initiatives from September so that we can become plastic free and an environmentally conscientious school.
We will no longer be selling drinks in plastic bottles, therefore you will need to provide your child with a water bottle. This can be filled up throughout the day using our water dispensers on each floor of the school.
You may also wish to provide another reusable bottle if your child wishes to purchase a refill drink from the canteen during breaks and lunchtimes. Choices of fruit squash, fresh juice or milk will be on offer.
We would also encourage any students who may be bringing in packed lunches to keep their rubbish and recycle it at home. 
Thank you for your support in helping us achieve our Environmental goals