The Book Club


Year 10 Book Club have finished their first book: ‘The Bone Sparrow’.  The first term’s book was a heart-breaking story of Subhi, a Rohingya refugee born in a detention centre.  The Book Club  students got in contact with the author, Zana Fraillon, via Twitter to ask her some questions – she responded with: Thank you all so much for reading ‘The Bone Sparrow’. I am so delighted that you were all able to engage with it so deeply. I am honoured that you have taken the time to come up with such interesting questions, and I will do my best to answer them just as thoughtfully.  Zana went on to type up 3 pages in response to our students’ questions!

Book Club have chosen their next book: ‘Smart’ and look forward to reading it over Easter (and eating more cake when we meet again!).

Mrs Sherwood