Progress 8

Dear Parents,

The initial unvalidated Department for Education (DfE) school performance tables are due for release on the 12th of October 2017.  This shows SMCC as having a progress 8 score of -0.01.  However, on checking their website it is clear that unfortunately the DfE have not included several of our student’s results, namely the whole cohort that entered and passed engineering (41% of our year 11 students) and business studies (20% of our year 11 students).  When these results are added our progress 8 measure will again be positive (as last year).  The validated DfE results will be available in January 2018 and I will forward these results to you once available.
It is disappointing that the data is incorrect and not available to be corrected until January 2018 but pleasing that 100% of our students passed both the engineering and business studies courses, and that is what really matters.
Kind regards,
Andrew J. Finney

STEM certificate

We are delighted  to inform you that the school has received the above certificate recognising our commitment to ‘increasing our students awareness of STEM subjects’ (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Congratulations to all.