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Introduction to the Library
The Library is a fantastic resource where both students and staff can work and learn effectively and independently as well as undertaking reading for pleasure. It is run by Mrs Sauerzapf (Library Manager) and is open every day during term time at breaktimes, lunchtimes and after school until 4pm. There is also a team of students librarians who help run the Library at lunchtimes.

Reading for pleasure
In addition to a large reference section, we also have over 10,000 fiction and non fiction titles in the library, most of which can be borrowed. We are actively looking into ways of expanding the provision with the intention purchasing a small number of e-readers. We encourage students to join in our many reading related events and lunchtime activites.

These include:

  • Regular author visits and creative writing workshops
  • Book based competitions  and events eg Harry Potter Book Night
  • Creative writing competitions
  • An annual Reading Week filled with a delightful array of fun events, including a World Book Day celebration
  • Training for participation in the national Kids Lit Quiz
  • Participation in shadowing the Carnegie Medal with attendance at Carnegie Day
  • A day of reviews, presentations, discussions and celebrations with students from other secondary schools
  • Bookbuzz – a scheme run by the charity Booktrust,where all students in Year 7 receive a free book
  • Strong links with South Molton Town Library who welcome SMCC students to their Book Club and author events

In addition to a large choice of fiction, the library hosts a huge collection of non-fiction/reference titles, covering a multitude of subjects. There is also a good selection of journals, newspapers and magazines, which are kept in support of curriculum topics, as well as for general interest.
There are currently 10 computer work stations and 10 laptops for students to use either during a class or independently at break or lunchtime, or after school.  These are supported by a selection of useful and relevant online resources for students to access to support their learning.


Useful links


visit Our Scholastic Book Shop The Day The day is an on-line newspaper which has lots of articles to support the curriculum

Complete Issues Complete Issues is a great resource with a large bank of articles and statistics covering a multitude of current and topical issues.

Issues OnlineThis is another fantastic resource for articles and information on topical issues. This site is also supported by a wide range of complimentary books in the Library.

Reading Cloud/EclipseReading Cloud/Eclipse is the software package used for the Library Catalogue. By logging on to Reading Cloud/Eclipse with their own personal login details students can access the entire Library stock. As well as searching through our catalogue of books, there are also links to over 5000 preselected websites which are student friendly and curriculum focused.

Students can also see the resources they currently have out on loan and reserve books for future use.

Other Useful Websites

​Have you finished your book and need to complete a quiz?  Follow the link below

Accelerated Reader (for students)By logging on with their child’s Accelerated Reader details, parents can access their virtual book shelf and see which quizzes have been taken and passed.  There is also a facility to set up email alerts for each time a quiz has been taken.

Accelerated Reader –Renaissance Home Connect (for parents)Need help accessing Accelerated Reader?  click here

Carnegie Book Award By using this link, students can post reviews for the shortlisted books on the Carnegie Shadowing Website.

World Book Day Visit this website for loads of book related activities, reviews,quizzes, games and competitions.

Bookbuzz This scheme, run by Booktrust, sees that all students in Year 7 receive a free book courtesy of SMCC. Take a look at this site for reviews on this year’s selected titles and lots of other fun activities.