Pastoral support

At the heart of SMCC, our pastoral system supports all students to access their learning and strive to achieve exceptional results regardless of personal circumstances. Through our school values- Ready, Resilient, Respectful - we support, nurture and educate students to be responsible, kind, ambitious contributors to society.

We believe all students should feel safe and happy at school. Every student has a form tutor whom they meet twice each day, is responsible for day-to-day support and is also a first point of contact for parents. Heads of House lead our tutor teams in overseeing pastoral care of students in each house. Tutors and Heads of House are closely supported by our Pastoral Leaders; experienced, non-teaching members of staff available for additional pastoral support and interventions.

As a pastoral team, our aim is to provide an environment where students feel happy, safe and have a strong sense of belonging.


We have five houses; Eagle, Falcon, Harrier, Kestrel and Osprey. Each student will be part of a semi-vertical mixed form group depending on their school year:

Lower School: Years 7 & 8

Middle School: Years 9 & 10

Upper School: Year 11

Eagle house emblem 250     

Head of EAGLE House ~ (Yellow tie)
Lower Eagle 1  Lower Eagle 2
Middle Eagle 1  Middle Eagle 2
Upper Eagle   


          Falcon house emblem 250

Head of FALCON House ~ Green Tie
Lower Falcon 1  Lower Falcon 2
Middle Falcon 1  Middle Falcon 2 
Upper Falcon  


Harrier houser emblem 250

Head of HARRIER House ~ (Red tie)
Lower Harrier 1  Lower Harrier 2 
Middle Harrier 1  Middle Harrier 2 
Upper Harrier   

   Kestrel house emblem 250

Head of KESTREL House ~ (Blue Tie)
Lower Kestrel 1 Lower Kestrel 2
Middle Kestrel 1  Middle Kestrel 2 
Upper Kestrel   

  Osprey house emblem 250

Head of OSPREY House ~ (White Tie)
Lower Osprey 1 Lower Osprey 2 
Middle Osprey 1  Middle Osprey 2
Upper Osprey   

Pastoral Leaders:

Lower School:

Middle School:

Upper School:

Throughout the year a huge variety of House Competitions are held between the houses, adding to our sense of community and nurturing a friendly competitive spirit. Competitions range from Rounders to Photography, and from Chess to Singing; there really is something for everyone! House T-Shirts may be worn at House events and can be purchased from the School Gateway.

The winners of the 2022-23 House Shield were Kestrel House and since all scores are reset to zero in September, it’s all to play for this year!

Points board

House Ties can be earned as students move from Lower School to Middle School (Year 8 into 9) and are awarded to students who show exceptional commitment to school values through low numbers of behaviour points, recommendations from staff and good attendance.

Prefects, Senior Students and House Captains are appointed in Year 11. Our prefects and Senior Students work closely with the school leadership team to support school values, school development and extracurricular events. House Captains work with our Heads of House to organise charity fund-raising events, sports events and inter-house competitions throughout the year.


We are committed to minimising and eradicating bullying from our school. Our updated Anti Bullying Strategy has been compiled in consultation with staff, students, parents and governors and can be found here.

Reported incidents of bullying are taken very seriously. Should you wish to report an incident of bullying please contact your child’s Form Tutor or Pastoral Leader in the first instance. Alternatively, you can report an incident of bullying using the button below.

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