Our Vision

Our Mission Statement: Learning For Life

At SMCC our intent is to develop a passion for learning and provide our students with learning pathways that fully meet their needs and aspiration.

Academic success is important, but alongside this, we ensure that at the heart of what we provide is
the development of social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness. Wellbeing, safety and protection is paramount in all that we do, students are encouraged to thrive with us, free from discrimination,
inequity or prejudice.

Our experienced, enthusiastic and talented staff body drive our vision and are uncompromising in delivering a first class education for all, in a stimulating and nurturing environment. We support the
success of our students by making every second count; they are required to be ready and willing to learn without excuses. The offer of broad, exciting and far-reaching opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, allows students to learn the life skills they will need to become balanced, responsible, successful young adults.

The result is a vibrant learning community that inspires outstanding academic progress and achievement from well-rounded, successful individuals who are equipped to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives as members of both the local and global community.