School Transport

Children are entitled to free transport on a bus hired or provided by the County Council if they live in the catchment area and more than three miles from the college (all distances measured by the nearest available route).

School Transport

  1. South Molton Community College supports the Devon County Council’s (DCC)  “No Pass No Travel Scheme” that operates on transport to and from this school.
  2. Only students who show a valid travel pass to the driver on every journey will be allowed to travel. Students must travel on the vehicle indicated on their pass.
  3. Please ensure that your child has their travel pass before they leave home every day.
  4. Please ensure that your child knows what to do in the event they are not allowed to travel or the bus does not arrive (e.g. because of breakdown or traffic conditions or severe weather). School attendance is very important and it is best to be prepared for any of these eventualities.
  5. DCC will carry out regular pass checks throughout the year.
  6. Drivers are not allowed to carry passengers who cannot show a valid pass.
  7. If your child loses their pass during the day they should go to the administration office to ask for a 10-day temporary pass. Replacement passes cost £5 each and can be ordered online, or by sending a cheque with a replacement form.

DCC School Transport - Telephone:     0345 155 1019DCC School Transport - E-mail:   spare seats on the County Council’s school transport vehicles or contractors’ vehicles are available, these may be occupied by children not entitled to free school transport on the purchase of a concessionary ticket. Adequate warning will be given to parents should the concession need to be withdrawn. The cost of concessionary seats on County Council vehicles is available from DCC.

A bus prefect is appointed on each college bus and it is his/her duty to report any concerns to the teacher on bus duty. The prefects monitor the behaviour of children on the buses and parental support is requested to ensure responsible pupil conduct and safety on the way to and from college, whatever the method of travel.

Seat belts must to be worn at all times.