Library displays

Mrs Sauerzapf our librarian has made some fantastic displays in the library. Pop along and have a look!

The world map highlighting the ‘cultural capital’ of reading.

Time to read ~ the library clock.

BookFlix ~ speaks for itself.

What a fantastic resource area.

Art exhibition in South Molton

Excellent examples of GCSE Art from Summer 2019 are currently being exhibited in John Walker Insurance brokers in South Molton.

Future exhibitions are planned, such as the Burton Art Gallery Schools exhibition in the spring; details to follow.

Mrs Noseda
Head of Art

Student of the week

Éowyn has been awarded Student of the Week. She was nominated by her English teacher Miss White: Éowyn is always extremely conscientious in English lessons and reads extensively – this is reflected in her excellent progress. During group work Éowyn guides and advises her group brilliantly; ensuring everyone takes part in discussions, writing and improvements.

We are very impressed with Éowyn’s mature and inclusive attitude. Well done Éowyn!

Artwork of the week

Jolyon  has been selected for Work of the Week because of his determination, effort and creative skill in improving his sketch book pages.

His work demonstrates how to beautifully work across two pages and use all the space on a page to make work look vibrant and exciting. Jo has taken on board all the advice in order to improve his level and shows how you can inter mix your own ideas with artists research and copies.

Fantastic work Jo!

Student of the week


Ollie came across an accident in town earlier this week, where a cyclist had be knocked off their bike.

Ollie was very calm and helpful, supporting the cyclist and the driver. Later ensuring the cyclist’s wife was able to find him in the ambulance which was parked some distance away.

A great representative of the school Ollie, Well done.

Artwork of the week

Artwork of the week goes to Chelsi Vellacott, 10 Drake for her excellent portrait of Lauren Petherick.

We have been learning how to do a detailed tonal pencil drawing in art lessons over a period of several weeks. I am so impressed with Chelsi’s fantastic efforts.

Well done, we are all proud of you.
Mrs K Noseda