Student of the Week 17-06-23

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17 Jun 2023

Students of the week last week.
Mrs Skinner said:
I would like to nominate Gracie and Daisy.
Both girls have shown kindness and understanding on two occasions this last few weeks. They have welcomed a new student and encouraged her to socialise with them at lunch and breaktimes and also have checked into student support with her to ensure she is ok.

They have also supported another student in their year who was having some issues and supported her by including her.
They have been very kind and supportive and shown empathy to both students they have helped.

On a similar theme...........
Mr Lewis said:
I would like to nominate Daniel year 7.
Kind and thoughtful, supporting a fellow student on a recent school visit. He made sure the student he was helping had what he needed and when the student was required to remain with staff Daniel stayed with him rather than going off with everyone else.
A good supportive friend.

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