Principal's Commendation

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22 Jun 2023

Principal's Commendation
Throughout the year we have reported the great things that Ayla has achieved here at SMCC. To say she is the model of our core values of Ready, Resilient and Respectful is an understatement.

The latest piece of Ayla's work to be brought to my attention is her exceptional preparation for the 'Mask Design' homework in Drama.

Her teacher says: Ayla has worked to an exceptionally high level in terms of the detail and focus upon her performance skills using the mask for this task. Across the board, Ayla is studious in all Drama lessons showing flair and talent for those areas of performing arts dedicated to script, design and overall theoretical areas of this subject. I look forward to seeing more of her unique ideas and wanted to celebrate how hard she works in all areas of Drama.

Well done Ayla a much deserved commendation.
DJ Lewis, Principal.