Random Acts of Kindness

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21 May 2023

Mr Blacker nominated both Isabella and Brooke for a random act of kindness award saying "their unrequested help in clearing up the chocolate muffins around the guild room and DT corridor was in complete contrast to the original act. Both students approached me apologising for the behaviour of others and insisted on assisting the clean-up, while voicing their disbelief at the disrespect of other students.

They both stated they would be happy to do the same on any other occasion we required their help. As you know, the daily mess in and around the canteen is a constant, but the unsolicited help is a rarity and is appreciated by myself and the premises staff and proves that staff are not always taken for granted".

Two members of staff nominated Daisy for the following reason:-

During the recent netball trip to Torquay, Daisy showed kindness and encouragement on and off the netball court, particularly to the year 7 students.

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