Paignton Zoo

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23 Jun 2023

Paignton Zoo Trip

(Written by Olivia)

The year 7’s trip to the zoo was outstanding because there were loads of different species of animals. When we arrived, we had a chat with one of the staff members about what to look out for, we also had to be silent as there were a various number of creatures that wouldn’t want to be disturbed. After that we went to the Island Restaurant to get checked in by the teachers. Then we set off in our little groups looking out for animals.

In my group we saw: different species of apes, red pandas, the families of big cats, giraffes, takin, meerkats and the baboons. After exploring, we had lunch on the field next to where the giant tortoises are. We also bought ice cream from one of the shops. It was amazing at the zoo, sight seeing all of the animals and their different environments which they live in.

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