Reindeer Christmas Tree decorations now on sale!

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25 Nov 2022

The Design & Technology Department have teamed up with some Enterprising KS3 students to raise money for the very worthy charity which is close to our hearts here at SMCC; ChemoHero.

The Friends of SMCC ‘Christmas Cracker’ saw the launch of ‘Rudie and Pals’ who are special little reindeer Christmas Tree decorations that feature a Lindor chocolate in place of the rather famous red nose.

The reindeer are being sold at £2.50 each with all proceeds going to ChemoHero. The first batch of 150 are selling quickly, so don’t hang around if you were planning on giving a reindeer a home this Christmas! 

Available now via the 'School Gateway' App!!

Reindeer 3Reindeer 2