Work Experience

All year 10 students engage in a week’s work experience during the summer term. Work Experience provides an insight into different sectors and careers to improve your son/daughter’s understanding of the world of work. It helps them to think about what would they like to do and just as importantly want they wouldn’t.

Work experience gives them the opportunity to ‘try out’ an area of potential interest. The experience will give them the opportunity to use and apply the skills and knowledge learnt in school in a professional environment. It will help the development of ‘employability skills’ required in the workplace and beyond. They will builds confidence and self-esteem by showing what can be achieved outside of school. Their time in work experience will enhance their CV or Personal Statement.

Using the Webview Database

You can search the Webview database for employers who have supported work experience in the past. It’s no guarantee that they will help you but you can try. You can search specific careers and locations to give you loads of company contacts in your area which is much quicker than searching all of Google or the Yellow Pages. 

Devon - Learn about workSome tips and ideas on gaining work experience and what to think about can be found here at: