MfL French and German



We believe languages should be accessible for all students from KS3 to KS4 at South Molton Community College.

We follow EDUQAS Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9–1) in French and German, which has been developed to help students of all abilities progress and develop a passion for languages, through culturally inspiring content from year 7 to yr11.

The course is engaging and will enable our students to manipulate and use the target language effectively, independently and creatively, so that they have a solid basis from which to progress to  A-Level or employment.

The specification includes both familiar and new topics that motivate our students, across three themes. These themes are: Identity and Culture; Local, national and global areas of interest; Current & future study and employment.

The programme of study allows time for a focused revision period at the end of the course. Content and assessments provide an engaging real-world focus. The authentic situations and stimuli enable students to see language in context and learn about the culture of the target language country. All assessments allow for spontaneity and test grammar, as well as providing plenty of opportunities for students to apply their knowledge.

Speaking and writing papers are structured in a way that gradually build in complexity in familiar language. Students receive supported and guided practice in these active skills from Year 7 onwards and have opportunities to engage in media and authentic materials.

Reading and listening papers are structured so that questions set in the target language are in a separate section from those questions requiring responses in English. Both papers are also structured so that they are progressive in their level of demand with the most demanding question being the final question in the paper.

Translation tasks are progressive in their level of difficulty and are of appropriate demand at each tier. Carefully selected texts ensure that topics are interesting, relevant and pitched at the right level for students at each tier.

The content builds on the understanding developed at KS2 and KS3, while also ensuring that students new to the subject are appropriately supported. The course provides a firm foundation for students to make a smooth transition to A Level





Exam board: EDUQAS

Mrs C Davey, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs N Woollacott

Miss B Selenati

'A different language is a different vision of life’

Frederico Fellini