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The study of History is essential in learning about why the world is the way it is. History has shaped the international world around us and has an impact on everything that we do.  

By GCSE students at SMCC will have learnt about key periods in British History as well as international History and be able to explain why these topics are relevant to today’s world. They will be able to analyse evidence, create arguments and form their own judgements from a range of different sources and it will teach students to question the past and to develop a thirst for investigation.   

As Arthur Marwick once argued in his book ‘The nature of History’:  

“To those who pose the question, ‘What is the use of history?‘ the crispest and most enlightening reply is to suggest that they try and imagine what everyday life would be like in a society in which no one knew any history. Imagination boggles, because it is only through knowledge of history that a society can have knowledge of itself. As a man without memory and self-knowledge is a man adrift, so a society without memory (or more correctly, without recollection) and self knowledge would be a society adrift.” 

At KS3 we try to encourage and harbour an enquiring nature within the students, encouraging them to ask questions about the past and try to make links between past events and the present. This enables students to see the value in the subject and to also be curious about the past. The aim with KS3 is to give students a wide breadth of knowledge covering topics from Medieval History through to more modern day, Civil Right, Slavery, Dictatorship etc... in preparation for GCSE and further study. 




Exam Board: Edexcel

Mrs C Beesly, Head of History

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Mr Piper, Teacher of KS3 and KS4 History

Mrs Noseda, Teacher of KS3

Mrs N Wollacott, Teacher of KS3

Dr L Cane, Teacher of KS3