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As a Department we aim to give a positive experience to all students in PE. Engaging and enthusing all students with participation in regular physical activity for both their physical, social and mental wellbeing. 

Through regular participation in organised sport in the curriculum we aim for our students to develop the fundamental life skills for behaviour and conduct through upholding sporting values and setting consistently high expectations in lessons and fixtures/competitions. Students are assessed through the concept of Head, Heart and Hands.  

Through lessons and the extra-curricular sport programme we promote opportunities for students to further pursue and extend their interest in the sports and activities that inspire and interest them. 

 Guiding principals are:

Develop their motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. 

Head: To develop knowledge and understanding of the value of physical activity (Knowledge & Understanding, Problem solving, Decision making, Rules, strategies & tactics) 

Heart: To prepare students to real life skills that can be used to prepare students for success in wider life (Leadership & Teamwork, Character & values, Empathy, confidence) 

To develop physical competence and across a range of sports and activities (Skill development, skill application, competition, Fitness levels) 

SMCC Physical Education Curriculum Map

SMCC Ks4 BTEC Sport Curriculum MapSMCC Ks3 Physical Education Curriculum OverviewSMCC Ks4 CORE Physical Education Curriculum Overview

SMCC Ks4 BTEC Sport (Physical Education) Curriculum Overview

Exam board: Edexcel/Pearson

Mr J O'Sullivan, Head of Physical Education


Mrs K Finney


Mrs E Hearn



Miss E Featherstone

Extra-Curricular Sports Timetable 2023 - 2024