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 Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate during the last decade-or-so and the fast-changing pace of industry and the outside world needs to be addressed within our schools. Future generations face considerable challenges that include rapid urbanisation, climate change, reduced resources and a growing talent gap, along with the harnessing of new technologies, processes and the way in which we use those tools. 

Design & Technology is becoming increasingly important as a subject in its own right. Industry is crying out for talented engineers, designers and programmers and there is a massive shortfall entering the world of work. The world is going to need our future school leavers and graduates to quickly and creatively solve the world’s problems as they arise using various advances in Technology. 

Our curriculum builds on the demands of the National Curriculum for Design and Technology and goes on to link up with educational research from companies like Dyson and takes advantage of resources and support from Derby-based engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce. 

Subject teachers and leaders at SMCC keep up-to-date with the latest advances in Technology and this is reflected in both the projects and also the extra-curricular that is on offer to our students. As a department we aim to continue to develop our industrial working relationships both locally, nationally and progressively internationally. 

Through exposure to a high quality and up-to-date Technology education, coupled with inspirational industry input, our students leave us well-prepared for the changing world and eager to face the challenges it presents.  

Students learn and develop a wide range of transferable skills which are integral to their employability including: 

  • Creativity and technical understanding of a wide range of materials, processes, ingredients and nutrients. 
  • Core knowledge and understanding of our suite of DT subjects which link to crucial life skills. 
  • Exploration of both theoretical and practical aspects of DT through sequenced lessons. 
  • Research and analysis skills through a range of specifically directed tasks and projects. 
  • Teamwork through industry-linked projects 
  • CAD skills; sequenced learning from 2D through to 3D design and manufacturing outputs. 
  • Link to and build on learning in other STEM based subjects. 

SMCC Design & Technology Curriculum Map

SMCC Ks3 Design & Technology Curriculum Overview

SMCC Ks4 BTEC Engineering Curriculum Overview

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