Why study Drama?

The aim of the Drama curriculum focuses on social and communication skills which enable pupils to enjoy learning and achieve.  Drama is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work with confidence in the wider world.  The enthusiastic and dedicated Drama Department strive to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to participate in and gain knowledge, skills and understanding associated with the artistic practice of Drama. Our curriculum ambition is to provide an academic Drama curriculum that develops knowledge, skills and cultural capital. Curriculum planning is sequenced towards students collaborating creatively to confidently present their ideas for an audience through live performance. We aim to develop pupils’ interpersonal skills and to stimulate their imaginations to explore issues beyond their own experience, in a safe and supportive environment.

Drama at KS3 is skill driven and aims to build personal competences which can be relied upon to succeed, not only in drama lessons, but beyond school life and in future employment.  Drama promotes self-esteem and provides all pupils with a sense of achievement regardless of academic ability. The Drama curriculum is successfully adapted and developed to be as ambitious as possible, and to meet the needs of SEND pupils. 

Drama places unique demands upon the critical thinking and emotional engagement of participants. It challenges pupils to move from a superficial response to texts and situations at KS3, to a more sophisticated response when studying Drama GCSE.  When pupils are emotionally engaged, they experience for themselves roles, tensions and dilemmas while being able to step outside a text or situation to gain an additional perspective. Developing this ability to participate and observe means that, given a new situation, text or dilemma, pupils can transfer their analytical skills to them.

To support learning and understanding we offer Drama Clubs at KS3 and Youth Theatre at KS4.  Students are also able to enjoy the experience of live theatre incorporating the subject knowledge they have acquired. 

SMCC Drama Curriculum Map

SMCC Drama KS3 Curriculum Overview

SMCC Drama KS4 Curriculum Overview

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Miss A Timms