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SMCC The D&T IIII Document

Design and Technology at South Molton Community College encompasses a wide range of specialsisms and encourages the Development of Life Skills across the department. Encourage Growth Mindset in the way that students learn from mistakes (especially with practical). Research skills: both traditional in the form of finding information/inspiration from books, magazines etc. and also the development of technique in using the internet effectively in order to obtain important/relevant information. 
Students encouraged to watch additional subject-specific programmes like Bake Off, Grand Designs etc to help embed learning and establish relevance in the curriculum and content. 

The majority of students enjoy Technology as a slightly less academic subject (at times) and are able to use their time within the subject to engage socially (interacting with peers whilst completing textiles projects in Year 8 for example). More academically challenged students are often naturally drawn to Technology as practical skills is seen as an alternative to some aspects of academia.  

Technology regularly utilises and established clear links with cross-curricular content. Measuring and marking, cultural links, Geograpical links, key words and vocabulary etc. 

Cultural understanding is referenced within a number of specialisms and as a subject we regularly research and look to other cultures for design/culinary inspiration. 

Meeting deadlines and the importance of organisation on both a lesson-by-lesson basis and also over the course of a rotation students are encouraged to plan their work and establish sequences of events and timings. Idea and problem solving is a key life skill that is also regularly referenced in numerous ways within Technology. 

Environmental and sustainability factors are identified on a daily basis within the majority of lessons across the Technology curriculum. Linking to local industry, encouraging students to obtain ingredients locally etc. 

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SMCC Ks3 Design & Technology Curriculum Overview

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