Business and Finance





Mr Avery

Exam Board Edexcel/Pearson

The principles of business underpin every shop, office and organisation in the UK economy.

This course will prepare pupils for virtually any career by teaching financial skills, marketing knowledge and organisational ability.

The qualification consists of three components that give learners the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the enterprise sector, and relevant skills such as research, planning, problem solving and communication at Levels 1 and 2.

The three units are as follows;

Unit 1: Exploring Enterprises,
Unit 2: Planning for and pitching an Enterprise Activity
Unit 3: Promotion and Finance for Enterprise

The components focus on:
• the development of core knowledge and understanding, including the range of enterprises and the key features and factors that contribute to an enterprise’s level of success.
• the development and application of skills such as analysing research, information, planning and financial forecasting, communicating and problem solving.
• reflective practice through pitching an idea for an enterprise activity that allows learners to reflect on their own communication skills and the viability of their enterprise activity following feedback.

This course is suitable for students who:
 Have a keen interest in business related activities
 Have a curiosity about the business world, and the characteristics of successful people and businesses
 Be willing to produce written assignments which are well researched
 Want to move onto a related career or into further education to study business/enterprise
 Be capable of working to a deadline

Grades are awarded based on a points system for each component which combine and convert to the following grade classifications: Level 2 Distinction* Level 2 Distinction Level 2 Merit Level 2 Pass Level 1 Distinction Level 1 Merit Level 1 Pass