Mr N Hedges, Head of Faculty

Miss T Isaac

Exam Board Edexcel/Pearson

Qualification Title: BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Engineering Students are offered the chance to develop the style of work begun in year nine within this course that leads to the Level 2 Tech Award in Engineering.
This new specification consists of three units of work:
Unit 1: Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design Applications,
Unit 2: Investigating an Engineering Product, and
Unit 3: Responding to an Engineering Brief.

In addition to these students will be required to study and become familiar with a wider range of materials, processes and industrial practice for the externally set examination. The second compulsory unit of work requires students to dismantle, examine and analyse component parts of an engineered product that they will be given.

The course will be delivered through a practical approach wherever possible but students must realise that they will be required to provide evidence of their work in written assignments as well.

Students will be required to plan the manufacture of and safely reproduce/inspect/test a given engineered component.

Students should: • Have a keen interest in engineering related activities • Enjoy practical activities

  • Be able to interpret working drawings and have good observational skills
  • Be willing to produce written assignments which are well researched
  • Want to move onto a related career or into further education to study engineering
  • Be capable of working to a deadline
  • Enjoy maths and science.

It is important that students selecting this preference appreciate the need for a high standard of commitment and a willingness to adhere to all health and safety requirements in the workshops at all times.

Grades are awarded based on a points system for each component which combine and convert to the following grade classifications:
Level 2 Distinction*
Level 2 Distinction
Level 2 Merit
Level 2 Pass
Level 1 Distinction
Level 1 Merit
Level 1 Pass